The 2018 re-branding of the now Quilmes Clasica highlights a new seal with a farming logo proudly stating the beer is made with malted barley and Patagonian hops of the best quality.

IBU 12

Quilmes has a 46% share of its home market – it truly is “Argentina’s Favourite Beer” – and this Argentinian icon is enjoying an international reputation with export growth in the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. It is great lager to drink on its own but also makes a good food match with South American or Mediterranean cuisine and has an established following.

Tasting Notes:

Quilmes is a classic lager, based on a Munich style Pilsner, which reflects its brewing heritage: golden colour, rich texture, refreshing light hoppy taste with a crisp, dry thirst quenching finish.

Food pairing: lightly spiced Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, Caribbean cuisine; rich egg dishes and all types of seafood.

Quilmes Clasica 340ml Bottles

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