Original Czech Lager - You Can't Rush Perfection

Not every brewery takes brewing as seriously as Budweiser Budvar. Only ever using whole cone Saaz hops, Moravian malts and soft water from our own brewery well, we add devotion to every drop, maturing Budvar Original in our cellars for 7 times longer than most other brewers, passing down two centuries of knowledge and instinct into every single glass.
The taste of history from the Czech Republic. Extra long maturation.

"Produced from finest Saaz Aroma Hops, carefully selected Moravian Malt and soft water drawn from wells 300 metres deep. The 700 years of brewing tradition guarantees the best quality of Budweis Beer." Original Protected Geographical Indicatio Serve cold


Country of origin czech_republic
Alcohol Content 5 % Vol
Brand Budweiser
Type bohemian_pilseners
Item Package Quantity 24
Manufacturer/Producer Budweiser


Budweiser Budvar ~ 330ml Bottles

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